Thursday, December 17, 2009

How about that snow!?

Training/woody sesh at our house tonight. We have over 50 problems V0 to V12. Come try your skill on an indoor classic (is that an oxymoron?)

upcoming ROADTRIPS:

Dec. 23rd and 25th and perhaps 27th: Siemay and I will probably go to Castle Rock, a sandstone paridise south of the bay. This rock is the most similar to Font of any sandstone in the US. There is a famous Sharma problem there called "Ecoterrorist" that I would love to do. I haven't tried it in about 8-9 years. It is very slopey and goes at V11.

January 14-24: We will be using our wedding gift, our truck-camper, for its maiden voyage to visit MOE'S VALLEY, UT for the first time. This is a sandstone area that has gained popularity but remained below the radar. There are many quality problems of every grade.
We were originally thinking France/Swizzy for a month this march/april, but that trip may be postponed until fall.  We are considering Norway this summer and are definitely going to BURNING MAN this year.
Spring (end 'o march/beg. of april): ANNUAL JOE'S VALLEY TRIP!

previous years action videos:
Siemay crushes a sweet sandstone V6:

me flailing on "beyond life" (my favorite problem?)

me sending "beyond life"

me on "knocking room" (RIP) AMAZING PROBLEM!

...Joe's is about perfect.

Try Hard, People!

Noah as usual

Seek perfection of character. Respect others. Try Hard.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Health Care Reform

So many people have asked my opinion on this tricky subject.  This is what I think about it as an Emergency Medicine physician.

Who can really say if healthcare is an intrinsic right? I don't know or really care, but I do know that by law I cannot turn anyone away from the ER without receiving medical care (EMTALA). I also would have an ethical dilemma turning away someone in need of help because they cannot pay. My oath obligates me to service of all.

I deliver about $150k of uncompensated care a year. This is not the subsidised Medicare, caid, cal underpayments that don't even cover my malpractice insurance. Despite that, I make a decent living. Not a killing. I owe about $200k for my training, and my twenties and all my previous hobbies mostly evaporated (except for climbing) with my decision to endure the rigors of meodern medical training.

Tort reform is a must. I order WAY too many tests because I am scared of losing my license and missing a diagnosis on someone and getting sued.  It sucks to have that affect your clinical decision making. This drives up healthcare costs.

I think we have a duty to help our fellow human who is suffering with illness.

We need a huge redirection of focus to preventative medicine. Cigarrettes should cost $40 a pack and the cost should go towards paying for healthcare reform.  Specialists should not be so highly incentivised, the highest compensation right now goes to specialists, so of course more medical students want to go into specialties.  Duh.  We need our best and brightest delivering exceptional primary care medicine.
This all seems like common sense, something sorely missing in modern day politicoeconomics.  This is a brief synopsis of my thoughts on heathcare reform in this country.
Noah T. Kaufman, MD
Seek perfection of character. Respect others. Try Hard.

Friday, December 11, 2009

A Young Genius

J.D. Simo.

That name probably is unknown to you.  He is 24 years old and absolutely KILLS lead guitar.  He's up there with Hendrix, Plant, Ribot et alia.

He's from AZ and now plays with the Don Kelly Band in Nashville, TN.

Here's a you tube video of this maniac:

Especially watch 2:30 until the end.  I can't stop laughing watching this dude play.  What an animal.  Having palyed guitar for almost 20 years, I can tell you that this is likely in the V12-14 range.  I love it!

Climbing-wise, Tahoe and Bisop and The Ditch (Yosemite) are all under a lot of snow.  Woody sessions are underway, but with the exception of Joel Zerr who came over and destroyed, most of us feel a little weak on the steep.

Try Hard!

Seek perfection of character. Respect others.