Thursday, February 18, 2010

Siemay does V11 "Beefy Gecko"

I wanted to be at the last HAF comp at Incline Villiage, Lake Tahoe.  Siemay wanted to go to Bishop to do some projects she had and we had 4 days off.  ...The choice was obvious.

Siemay sending her first V11 "Beefy Gecko" at the Sads in Bsihop, CA

I sent the "Prozac Dyno" (V9) and Charlie's Rib dyno (V8) and tried Ambrosia (V11) a bunch with my friends Alex Honald and Justin Alarcon.

Justin came as close as one can come to sending "Haroun & The Sea Of Stories" and I worked out the moves on the stand: "The Fall guy."  I also worked "Mandala" again.


I feel a little fat from working too much this winter, or maybe it's just that old familiar weakness.  ...Then I look at Siemay crushing and wonder, Woman keeps improving!!!  The weather was great down there although it was a little warm.

Anyway, this next week we met up with Dave Hatchett for a private tour of San Diego's Premiere (Private) bouldering paradise: RAINBOW ROCKS.

I shall have a report soon.  We will also try to hit Black Mtn. and maybe J-tree to check out Chris's "Iron Resolution" amongst other things.

Seek perfection of character. Respect others. Try Hard.

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