Friday, June 4, 2010

Bouldering in the Ruby Mountains

Let's start with the video, of course:


Here's the Lowdown of our weekend:

Last Friday to Monday we had a long-planned/awaited trip to the Ruby Mountains near Elko, NV off Hwy I-80.  This trip was cut short by rain on Friday, and in my case, a severe bout of food poisoning that left me completely incapacitated despite zofran ODT and percocet for severe body aches.  Luckily, the bout passed as quickly as it had come on and it was time to rally.  Although we invited the entire Tahoe community (on our local's email list,) only 5 of us made it, and our group of 4 didn't even run into the 5th!  The rock was chossy at first, but a little scrubbing and it was good to go.  The rock is unusual to say the least.  it is a granite, I believe, but has a very high quartz content.  The climbing was aesthetic and varied.  From techy slabs, to overhangs, to long, rad dynos.  Although we did a good amount of bouldering for the 3 days we were there, much time was spent cleaning, and the upper road was blocked by a "once a quarter century avalanche."  We may go back in late summer to explore higher altitude areas.  The Mountains were jagged and beautiful as you will see in the video.  It was a fun little adventure in the Silver State.  Now that we are back, Sugarpine is getting ready to go, and Siemay and I will be in Yosemite for a short spell followed by a 3 week trip to Maple Canyon, UT for some sports action.  Bamn!  Life is a dream!

Take Care, Peoples!

Seek perfection of character, respect others & Try Hard. Noah as usual


  1. Looks like fun man. I'll be back in CA near the latter part of the month and I'll be looking forward to climbing with you and Siemay around Tahoe.

  2. Was wondering if anyone had any kind of directions to these boulders? Didn't find any bouldering on mountain project. If someone could help that would be super rad! Thanks!


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