Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Roy: Another Sojourn

Ok.  Had to go back.  We found a huge new zone that will need a bunch of work.  Took Brian Arnold, Brian Capps and Jason Kehl again.  Did some new stuff.  Here are pics and video.  Check it.

"Icarus" V7 highball and projects/classics (bits and pieces)

"Paver Tom" V8 at Jumbles

"Carpet Bombers" V10 at the World Wide Wall

here are some photos to further encourage you:

Scarpa Team member Brian Arnold on an amazing project, still undone.  Brian was super close.  The first move is the crux and then it is about V7 to finish.  Maybe a V11.
 Brian Capps gets the third ascent of "Carpet Bombers" V10 highball.  This is bandering at it's absolute finest. FA Tom Ellis (and John Kuphal)
Brian Capps on the rad dynamic crux move of the sublime "Icarus" V7.  What a line.
Capps on the project.  We were all shut down, but close.  There is an amazing V9 to the right that Tom Ellis put up.  Arnold and I tried it in the sun one day and were unable to do it.

Enjoy the season, climbers!

Seek perfection of character, respect others & Try Hard. Noah as usual


  1. let's try and keep roy off the internet please. access issues and all.

  2. Hello Ivan, what access issues are you talking about? Do you want to keep Roy all to yourself? Wanna keep it in a special club? People know that it's "Roy" already; they can go and find whole new zones for themselves if they wish. I appreciate your thoughts, but I am obviously more egalitarian than you when it comes to sharing amazing things with my brothers and sisters across this great land. The climbing tribe has always been intimate amongst the true lifers. We're all in this together and we'll all be dead soon. Double Rainbow mutha fucka!

  3. I am with Noah on this one. As long as people keep their explorations on public lands I see no reason not to share the existence of this amazing place with others. To answer any questions right off the bat...I do understand all the land situations out there. Can't wait to get back out there! See you soon I hope Noah.

  4. I am sure Carlos does not understand all the land situations out there. If people feel the need to post up on this, they are going to post up because there are enough folks who have visited there is no going backwards. But spray is spray no matter how folks want to portray it as altruistic.

    The internet has certainly fucked up the word-of-mouth concept since it now means that if you want an area off the internet that you are keeping it all to yourself.

    Try and think about a place that gets better with more and more people. I don't know it.

    Enjoy picking fruit in the orchard.

  5. Melvin, Ivan: if you were a stranger to me, a brother linked by our climbing spirit, wouldn't you want me to reach out to you and share my super-fun baller area? how happy would that make you? my mission in life is to increase everyone's net happiness. net. i feel somewhat bad that i have negatively impacted your happiness. There is enough fruit for all of us. I'll see you out there, brother.

  6. Hook this climbing spirit up!! I PACK OUT! :D



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