Monday, February 13, 2012

Kraft Rocks Visit

Well, we went to Red Rocks.

Tired of sharp litttle Bishop crimps, ridiculous crowds and nothing but really hard projects left to do; we passed through B town just long enough to visit with some old friends.

Then, it was off to Red Rocks and sandstone boulders! although we have bouldered there many times before, this trip opened our eyes to some new school gems, and lines to go back for.

Here is our friend, Alex Johnson, on a super classic, huecoey problem called "Bitch Slap 5" V9:

What a fun line! It is about a hundred feet back and directly above Monkey Bars. Classic resistance. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

We met up with Kenny B. and Mike Doyle along with the Alex's (Johnson and Honnold.). You will not be surprised to learn that crushing ensued. AJ actually did a cool V12 and seemed to be in good form. She and Honnold both did the classic Ethan line "Stand And Deliver" V11 in just a few goes. There were many other proud sends, that we did not witness.

For my part, I repeated a seldom done Moulin dyno called "Taurine" above the Tsunami block at Red Springs. It really fit me and felt about V9, as it is graded, but I did it in a few tries. I did have to Try Hard!

Another highlight of the trip was seeing our old friend from medical school, Ed Kwon. Ed is strong as always despite being in "route shape" and finishing up his fellowship in Trauma Surgery. He was telling us about his cool V12 GSW surgeries where he beat the clock and saved lives and limbs. So cool. Additionally, We got to stay with Leanna, who we know as a climber form Ohio. Her and her husband, Adam, have a real nice spot out in Blue Diamond.

Siemay did some great problems too. Names and grades, unknown, but I can tell that after six months, she has gotten back her strength and is excited to work some tougher lines again.

Zun is Zun. smiley, happy, and now fond of the taste of earthy sandstone!

Vegas is a strange place indeed, but I really like the bouldering, and its a nice break from the Bishop scene that we are so used to.

Seek perfection of character, respect others & Try Hard. Noah as usual.

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