Thursday, September 13, 2012

Cold Stream

There's been a few new North shore spots getting the love these days: Summit Lake is very cool with nice bullet granite and Cold Stream (once briefly known as the "Death March" boulders) has proven to be a new amazing zone with many blocs on different tiers of slabs. There are many steep featured lines of excellent quality and projects all around.

Here is Kyle O'Meara's mega line "Maverick Renegade" V10:

Check out this great video of Jon's documenting some good work on a giant boulder:

Check out these phtogs!:

Another 4 star Kyle O V8 called "Kids These Days" at Cold Stream Canyon. So sick! I love this climb!

Really cool new line I just put up at Cold Stream. "Zun Factor" V6

Siemay Transversing the rail into Jon Thompson's amazing "Rock and a Hard Place" steep compression line...

Even Baby Z loves this place!

The amazing crag behind the first tier boulders that has amazing 5.12-5.14a climbing including Jimmy Hayden and Kyle O'Meara's 5.13a/14a (direct) 4 star "Meteor Shower" route and D. Griff's amazing 13.a "Constant Sorrow.". Sport climbin'!!!

One of the best bouldering lines I saw up there was the 4 star line "Return of Fern" opened by the one and only Tom Fern on a brief visit here with his kids. I recently sent this rad V9 sloper squeezathon, and today added the super cool sit to bump the grade up to a 10-banger. Joel Zerr and Kyle O got psyched also and climbed the new addition quickly. Kyle also did the Fern Transverse, V11; a sweet vario traverse in with amazing moves done by Moses Potter. Moses is cranking after a long trip to Rocklands! Nice Moses!

Today was also a productive and beautiful day with the Team. Joel and Kyle and I developed several classic new lines today in the V6-9 range and tried a hard new project at sunset.

I also did an FA of a radically gymnastic and bold dyno called "Twist & Shout" V9. Though not tall, this 45 degree overhung double dyno has a totally insane swing to control. This line's move is really really cool, and I will try to get a video.

Joel did a sweet steep power V10 on the final approach to the second tier as well. We also did a really nice sloper V6 on the same boulder. I will have more video and photos in the coming days. rock climbing is so much fun!
This area is too difficult to give beta to in the blog, but it will be in Hatchett's guide due for a spring release. It is definitely one of my favorite spots in Tahoe and the bouldering here is secluded and sublime.

Get out and crank! The season is almost here!

Seek perfection of character, respect others & Try Hard. Noah as usual.

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