Saturday, March 9, 2013

Force of Nature V14


My good friend and lifer Isaac Caldiero just sent one of his hardest lines to date.  After close to 60 days of effort, the "FORCE OF NATURE" just went down.  His partner in crime, Laura, was there with Siemay, Zun and I to film and lend support.  Walker Kearney and his awesome sweetheart of a daughter, Hammy were there as well.

I got psyched.  In fact, in this awesome video you can hear me going nuts.  I would love to think I added that 0.1% of energy that helped Isaac try a little harder and send, but I think that is just fanciful thinking and unlikely since Isaac is such a world class climber.  Talk about vicarious psych though!  Isaac and I have climbed quite a bit together and his attitude and philosophy of our sport are very impressive.  He and Laura are also like family to us and baby Z.

Here is the vid:

Force of Nature V14 from Shibidaang on Vimeo.

It was a gift to show up and see this rig go down.  Anyhow, our time in St. George was awesome and I will get into some detail in a future post.   I was in fairly good shape, albeit a bit heavy.  I was able to do some V9-11 climbs, but of note, I could only do a couple moves on Isaac's line!  Normally, even on V13 or 14 I can hold positions and moves "seem" doable.  This line is legit.  Hard as balls.

We also spent some good time with our old friend and lifer Walker Kearney (author of the Kearney Journy blog: and he has detailed some of the new spots we were developing on is awesome blog.  He has many photos of the amazing sandstone in the region.  He also was climbing very strong and actually ran laps on Isaac's "Atlas" V12.  Rad.

Check it out!

Tahoe is socked in, so we have mostly been doing classics in Bishop with Wills and Lisa and also developing some new areas down south of Bishop.

Seek perfection of character, respect others and Try Hard. Noah as usual

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