Tuesday, April 30, 2013


My friend Fernando died.

Fernando had that rare zeal; that ability to pour himself into adventure and excitement, to laugh at just about everything, including himself.

Fernando spent a bunch of time in Tahoe bouldering with us locals and repeating some of the harder lines around the south shore. You see, Fernando was great at just about everything he did. His infectious smile and happiness made everyone want to be his friend. He was kind to everyone and had no malice in him.

One day, Fernando was climbing at Eratica and he was keen on getting the second ascent of a slightly obscure and very difficult line that I had done called the Bunny Grinder. He told me he loved the name and that the line looked impossible; much harder than the grade we gave it. That's why Fernando wanted to try it: it looked impossible.

Fernando spent 3 days on this climb falling at the same spot near the top. I never once saw him get frustrated. He would take the awkward fall over and over and laugh madly about it. Finally, Fernando did the Bunny Grinder and he was so psyched. He even did it in sub-optimal conditions (I also spent 3 days on the rig in perfect conditions to get it done.)

No one even tries the Bunny Grinder and it is very intimidating. Fernando walked up to intimidating obstacles, and he laughed them into submission.

He lived his life like this and was respected and loved by many, including me.

I am honored to have known you, Fernando.

I will miss you brother! We will all miss you.

Seek perfection of character, respect others & Try Hard. Noah as usual.

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  1. I ran into Fernando a couple times at ironworks in berkeley when I first moved back to the bay area. He was psyched and super stoked on tahoe bouldering. I remember him being very strong and very nice (not a typical combination @ the climbing gym). Sorry to hear he's passed.


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