Friday, September 6, 2013

Arrowhead V8

This is likely a new first ascent at Caple's Lake that we did yesterday. It is very thuggy and is much harder than it appears in this video starting off of a bad left-hand side pull and decent right-hand crimp. Probably V8 or 9.

I asked Jesse, and he doesn't remember doing it, but it did look clean and someone could have bagged this line, but then again, probably not. Let me know if you know...

We also did some fun new FA's including the 3-star "Thanks Travis" V8 (Hat tip to Travis Junkin and his lady Mallory.) this rad new steep tall line is gorgeous! It is the line 4 feet right of the amazing Caple's test piece: Excalibur V9 (10?)

We also did some tall 3 star lines in the same zone on the boulder just adjacent to the Caple's Crack (v3) (Excalibur boulder.)

"Plan A" takes the direct line up a thin face with a radical finishing dyno off bad crimps at V5 and "Plan B" V3 is the escape from the dyno over a much bolder finish using the right arĂȘte.

Then there is the "Happy Fat Kid" V6. What a sick line! Wide compression much like "Integrity" V8/10 at the Mtn. Beavers!

The best part of the day though may have been Dave Hatchett's score of an amazing 9-grade arrowhead seen in the video above! Wow!

It's amazing how whenever we go back to these old areas, new gems pop up! We are working hard on the south shore and satellite area guides which are coming along. All the new FAs are slowing us down, lol!

In other news, I am training hard for my mega proj... I now weigh 173! For context; I weighed 193 for American Ninja Warrior and 178 was always my fighting weight... I weighed 171.6 this am, a record. I'm pretty cut.

It used to be that losing weight for me was unhealthy, but since I've switched my diet from meatitarian to plant-based, I've lost weight in a healthy, non-injury yielding way. Wow. Hard lines are going down and are feeling easy.

Also, I find myself constantly leaping from boulder to boulder and from tree to tree, constantly training for American Ninja Warrior 6!

I'll stop climbing hard and start routes and specific Ninja training in January, by for now, my life is all about hard lines in tahoe!

Bring the temps!!! The season is almost here, gents and ladies!!! PSYCHED!

Train and play hard!

Seek perfection of character, respect others & Try Hard. Noah as usual.

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