Friday, July 24, 2009

The HEAT is ON!

It's freakin' hot. Even at high elevation.
To get us through these tough times, our famed videographer, Jason Hogan has put together this little diddy to keep you cool:
(thanks Jason!) ...amazing new sport. Jason is really good at snowskating as well (I've seen him tear it up.)
Siemay and I had a sweatfest at our wall (I almost said "on my woody") last night. It was fun, but this weather is best for deep water soloing and routes. Speaking of which, Angora lake has some pretty cool DWS to be checked out as well as some cliff jumping. ...go mid week if you can.
Also, a cool tidbit: The Urban Climber magazine's latest issue interviewed me for the "Drive" section! I haven't seen it yet, but have gotten some nice emails about it.
Mostly, I have been taking some time to let the tweaks work themselves out. ...This is why we went to South Africa the last two summers. BTW, Jesse Bonin is back, here is his blog:
I'm open to suggestions, but may just climb on the wall late night if anyone is interested. email us.
...come fall there is so much to do! PSYCHED!
PS. now is a good time to get new shoes! the new Evolvs are sick:

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