Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Fall conditions are SICKY!  The rock is GRIPPY!

Siemay and I have been in Yosemite the last two weeks.  I was "working."  ...Many of you know my arrangement there and some of you have taken advantage of poker games and a dope pad in the valley!

Siemay had an amazing trip sending a ton of stuff including "Tap Dance" V10:

Siemay was also the poker champion for the trip winning an impressive number of nights.

I sent some cool classics as well, but mostly had really bad split tips from trying to do a hard Tahoe project (still undone.)

Here's a cool send I had:

The plan is to go back next weekend as well.

We are now TRAINING since the Bishop season is about to begin in full swing.  That means campusing and woody sessions at our house!

Thursday I will have a mega session at the house if the weather is bad, if it is good I will probably go to the new area across the lake.

Hope everyone is enjoying fall!

In Tahoe news, this is a rad new V8 I put up at The West Shore area.  I called it "Sisyphus" after the Greek myth.  Amazing crimpy compression to a committing deadpoint.  On the same boulder as "Fortress," another true classic climb.


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