Monday, April 12, 2010

Joe's #1 - VEGAS


What can I say.  3 weeks at Joe's is truly a gift.  Great friends, great climbing, even crazy ups and downs in the stock market off risky plays.

I will try to non-chronologically sum up the trip over the next few blogs.  I have many videos and pics.

I got a lot of great footage for "Try Harder" over this time.  It's always nice to film my good buddy Matt Wilder since he can send at will.  He and Sandy and I ate like kings and enjoyed Joe's together with Justin Alarcon and Becky the first week.  Many many wine was enjoyed'!  Week 2 Siemay came and Becky Left.  Week 3 Thomo and Cedar showed up, "fresh" from Hueco Tanks (I got some sick footage of Thomo for "Try Harder" and some great shananigans too.)  Throw in some wood...  Some Justin Wood for good measure and you got yourself a part-A!

Here's a cool send from the trip:  This is the project formerly known as "Vegas" on the Chips boulder at New Joes.  It was mega fun, like knocking room.  I re-ascended it to create a rad new line in the v9-v11 range:

I gotta go to sleep now.  I'm working night shifts.

...Oh, BTW, last night was not a busy night at work, so we watched "Knowing" which I really enjoyed.  A must-see for Sci-Fi buffs.

Till the next blog,

Seek perfection of character. Respect others and Try Hard.


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