Monday, April 19, 2010

Joe's #4 - AMERICAN GIGOLO (and Cedar)

We spent part of the time at Joe's with our good friends Thomasina and Cedar Pidgeon.  "Thomo" is arguably one of the best female climbers on the planet and she sent a really cool V11 called "Mass Hysteria" (sit to Hooters) while we were there which I captured in HD for "Try Harder."  She is a guide at Hueco and spent the season down there crushing many v10-v12s.  That's rad.  Thomo lives with her daughter, Cedar (3 y/o) in her van, and I must say it is super comfy in there!  Cedar is already and adept climber as you will see below.  Cedar had many proud FA's in Joe's Valley including some double to triple overhead "highballs."  Watch these two crazy Canucks do their thang.  Enjoy!

Mommasina: (American Gigolo V7)

Cedarooni: (How Jedis are made with Tim Doyle)

I'm inspired.  How about you?

Seek perfection of character, respect others and Try Hard,


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