Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Metolius Hangboard video

What a great summer it has been.  So much to write about and show in the next couple of weeks!

I just completed one of the best first ascents of my life in Tahoe called "Ground Control" and there will be excellent video coming of this rad and aesthetic hard line. A Tahoe must do, if you can...  Jesse B is hard at work on the second ascent, but the problem may be V13 for him.  (I thought V10-12 range.) This climb is up near "Space Invaders" 12a Tahoe classic sport route at echo view.  The boulder is in the next gully over (to the right of Space Invaders wall.) It is a strong stone's throw and even in altitude.  It is absolutely sick. One of the top 5 ascents of my life!  There are many other boulders/problems there including a cool but sharp V5 called "Claymation" and a super highball V3 called "The Eclipse."  Jesse also put up a nifty V7 warm-up on the Ground Control Boulder.  Video coming.

Siemay and I have been doing tons of route climbing and I believe this is the missing link to elevating our bouldering and overall climbing abilities.  Routes are fun!  Btw, Siemay is clipping bolts and taking falls.  This is prouder than the fact that she sent her first 12d this summer in Maple!

Burning Man:  Essay and synopsis/review coming.  ...Life changing.

I recently made this video for one of my sponsors, Metolius: Check it out.  Jesse Bonin also makes a cameo.  It is quite a long video; an 8-minute instructional about hangboarding with the Metolius Simulator.

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