Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Freakish Weather

January 1st: no snow in Tahoe. Perfect conditions, t-shirts. Siemay, little Zun and I spent New Years day climbing with good friends at the FREAKS. Here; check it out:

These problems were fun to revisit, and this was Joel, Jon and Zun's first time there. I am sad to report that Zun has made little progress in the way of climbing... Maybe he will have to learn to crawl first after all.

Anyway, after a sick day, and an amazing baller twilight flash of the classic "Yeti" V9 by Mr. Zerr, the crew hit up Kirkwood in for a rustic meal that warmed the soul. There was rib eye, salmon and tortellini along with seared ahi and good stout beer. Laughter and merriment abounded in the establishment.

Hell yeah! This is what life is all about...

Happy new year everyone! Hopefully the snow stays away forever. What a sick sick season.

Try Hard, Respect Others & Seek Perfection of Character. Noah as usual.

(the sunrise from outside my work yesterday!)

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