Friday, January 20, 2012

January 19th Dyno

Well, it's over. The epic season that will go down in the history books. It happens once every 20 years or so I have heard, but this year there was literally NO snow in Tahoe until today.

The last day of the season was a fun jaunt up to the Zephyrs, a vast area given to us by the legendary Jay Sell. Jay keeps contributing to the Tahoe scene and is basically one of the main players who has made Tahoe what it is today. when you see him, thank him!

Anyway, here is a sweet dyno that I put up in the V7-V9 range. Horrible pasty feet and a really cool one-pad hand and a half edge to generate from. TRICKY! I called this one "January 19th" to commemorate the last blustery climbing day in the Tahoe 2012 season.

Check out the problem:

I also added an really cool morpho technical v6 with an amazing start hold that I called "The Entrepeneur."

Additionally, I put up the sit to "Titty grabber" V8. I did not name this problem, but the line is sick and is solid V8 slopey compression. You do have to use a heel-n-toe cam with another boulder that is unavoidable... Despite this fact, and based on movement alone, this climb is three stars! (Well, maybe 2+ for the snobs out there. You know who you are.)

...Near term climbing plans include Joe's, Bishop, Vegas and Doyle.

Won't you join us?

Seek perfection of character, respect others & Try Hard. Noah as usual.


  1. This is GREAT NEWS Noah.

    The dyno looks cool! I'd probably have just locked it off though...

    But best is that your season is shut down at last, and I'll finally get to see you down here in Bishop!! Come ON!!! Make it soon. Can't wait to get out and climb with you.


  2. Noah. Its Joe Bob. I put up Titty Grabber from the sit without using the other boulder only microfeet on the face. I thought it was V5.
    JB Briggs

  3. Spoke with J. I think you did it from the right, The left line I did is hard, probably v8 or 9 and requires the other boulder. Great work though! I know how you climbed it and that is a sick line as well! Noah


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