Monday, November 11, 2013

Human Math V8

"Human Math" is an awesome new V8 that got done this summer by Jon T. And Kyle O. This sweet rig is trail side at Camo Forest. It is a LOT of moves and I don't know how we didn't do this one for so many years. Def saw it... Anyway, it's mega, and with temps, not that bad.

Photo credit: Jon Thompson, Twilight & Rust Photography

Siemay Lee on the steep opening moves of "Human Math." Above.

Caroline Kim sends the rig!  Below.

Steep roof to sweet compression? Awesome! Caroline halfway out of trouble but getting closer to the sweaty 5.11 puppy T.O. of "Human Math."

So here is a funny story about this line: Siemay had spent a session figuring her beta and couldn't quite link. The next day she was hyper-motivated to go and get it done. I had to work a night shift at 10p. She got off work at 6p. It was hot as balls and Mosquitos were raging. It was not what you want.

We rallied hard from Minden, driving an hour and then hiked 20 mins up hill and got to the climb at 7:20p, sweating. Siemay literally had a 30-40 min window to send. She didn't need it. She sent first go. We packed up and rallied home in about an hour, sweaty and mosquito bitten. Zun's face looked like he had chocked pox!

Funny. Epic motivation. In the end, it just goes to show that a rock climber would rather brave the elements to be intimate with honest to goodness stone then to be comfy and social in a plastic gym.

Ya can't beat nature, y'all!

Seek perfection of character, respect others & Try Hard. Noah as usual.

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