Thursday, September 8, 2011

Getting Psyched

Well, the season is just around the corner. My little man, Zun is growing and crying and keeping us up at nights, but that hasn't stopped the climbing from happening. Siemay has even gotten out for a session! So much has gone down, so many new things. Joel Zerr and I went to May Lake in Tuolumne and did some amazing high alpine climbing on quartzite. We also visited the Camouflage Forest and added one of Tahoe's best new V9's: Army of Darkness. Joel is putting together a sick video and I will post it here soon. Yesterday we hit Sugarpine 2 and did some FA's and repeated some amazing new classics: Here's the FA by Kyle O'meara and some other classics with Red and Jimmy Haden: also, here is a sick new one move power problem that I did called the Anniversary, probably a 9 or a 10... we'll need some repeats to tell for sure:
There are new amazing lines going up everywhere. Also, I just heard from Jesse Bonin that he is working on a 55 ft. V12 roof in Tuolumne!!! Life is good, go out and get some! Seek perfection of character, respect others & Try Hard. Noah as usual


  1. Meant to drop a congrats on the announcement post, but forgot, so here it is: congrats! Babies are awesome, despite all the sleep-inhibiting habits they tend to have. Enjoy every waking minute because when you look back you'll wish they didn't seem to fly by so fast.


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