Saturday, July 14, 2012

Angora Lake

I found these rad blocks about 5 years ago and always wanted to come back to them. It's an easy approach although you have to pay $7 for parking...

It was as if I was keeping these boulders for the day when everything in Tahoe seemed tapped out.

...I guess I finally realized that Tahoe will keep giving for many more years and I might as well check these lines out. Although temps where in the 80's, our crew was psyched! Three sick V7's went down, one of them was four star. Also a four star V6 went down and Dave Hatchet quickly sent the second ascent.

Check out these pics; this boulder is unbelievable. Video to come!

Hard jump start to slopers. "Loki" V7, up right. Slick moves to a committing as hell upside down jump move into juggy compression! NINJA MOVES!

"Odin" project, up and left. Could be 10-12 banger or harder.

Don't soil your shorts, and stop salivating. Sweet V7 on left side "clear and present danger" and VHard project up middle.

Under V7

Warm ups.

I will be putting together some media and blog about Squamish in the days to come and post the "Loki" video when Jon puts it out! The movement and holds and position and aesthetic of these lines are truly incredible. This Area will be in the new guide!

Seek perfection of character, respect others & Try Hard. Noah as usual.

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