Monday, July 23, 2012

Lost in Space Boulders, Emerald Bay

Brad Perry found some killer new rock and a sweet new zone on the west shore up the Eagle Lake trail. There are many rad boulders. I put up a very unusual problem at this new area; check out this amazing span move:

"Tall Man's Gift" V? (morpho, felt like a 9-banger) photo: Brad Perry

Sure it felt like V9, but who the hell knows!? It is almost definitely undoable if a climber is under 6 feet. Tommy Herbert tried it and may be able to do it at 6 feet. The left hand is a horrible sloping mono stack and then a dyno for the lip jug. RAD!!! Pure and aesthetic as hell. Two sick moves. How can you grade something like this? It is an interesting question. There are many V14 climbers who would have no chance on this rig... It was a very enjoyable first ascent since the line looked highly improbable upon visual inspection. Could I even span it? It was shocking to find out how barely I was able to stretch and span. A remarkable problem!

Just to the left of this line, a sweet V7 was put up by David Outcalt called "Space Race." It is a thuggy hoss to moderate compression climbing and it is stellar!

I also put up a four star V9 called "Ender's Game" at this new area which is currently known as the "lost in space" boulders... So cool. There is much more development to be done, and although it is hot out, it is dry and we are psyched! There will certainly be room for some test pieces when the temperatures drop again.

For now though, classic lines are plentiful and the crew is amped.

Nice find, Brad!!! There will be a video of The Tall Man's Gift soon and I will post it.

This truly is the golden age of Tahoe bouldering. Dave Hatchett's guide is going to be an eye-opener to many!

Seek perfection of character, respect others & Try Hard. Noah as usual.

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  1. Er ... Don't most people have to stretch like this on nearly every line they do? How would this feel if you were 6' 6"? I'm going to say about V4 for this one, Noah. Nice effort though.


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