Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Lost In Space Update

Here's an update for those keeping track or interested in this dope new area in emerald bay:

Hatchett went to work on the moderate circuit after nearly flashing "Ender's Game" (he did it in a couple go's.) Several blocks of very high quality stone yielded many problems in the V0-V4 range, rounding out the area nicely. Jarrad Wycoff also put up a sweet V5 on the red wall called "Locksmith," and Kyle O'Meara added the obvious "Celebrity Golf Tournament" V7 which I repeated. It is a good tall-man line fo sho.

Joel Zerr put up the sweet line to the left of Space Race; a nice steep edgy/crunchy affair called Space Cowboy. It climbs into the same top out as Space Race and is awesome (but tweaks my knees and feels very crunchy!). This one was done in horrible conditions by Joel (80 degrees!) and will probably settle at V9 in better conditions. Joel also flashed Ender's Game V8.

With better beta, almost everyone has done the four star Ender's Game, V8. Here's a video of Siemay crushing:

I also put up the sit to Buck Rogers and it is a very cool V8 that shares the start and exit to Ender's Game. I know, I know: that does not sound classic, but the climbing is so cool, it's 3 star and worthy!

Additionally, Siemay and I ventured about 10 minutes past the Mothership boulder to the "outer belt" and put up an amazing line called "Moon Dog" V8. Check out the vid:

The Lost In Space area is 15 minutes up the Eagle Lake trail, across the stream at a visible big rad boulder that has untouched projects that are being saved for colder conditions secondary to the aspect of the boulder. The boulders are in the woods in a 5-10 min radius.

Here's a great vid of some of the area classics that David Outcalt just put together:

All these new areas and problems will be in the new definitive guide from Dave Hatchett which will go to press soon!

It's amazing that Tahoe summers are so climbable despite the heat... It's so dry and mornings and evenings can be cool on even the hottest days in the valleys.

What a special and blessed place we live in.

Seek perfection of character, respect others & Try Hard. Noah as usual.

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