Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Amazing New Tahoe South Shore Zone


I have a nice gift for all the South shore locals to keep you psyched for when the snow eventually melts:

Echoland. The biggest Jackpot of my life.

What follows are photos and descriptions of a new area that I discovered and am developing. I have told close friends about this area, but with the exception of Joel Zerr who has made it out once before the snow came, I've mostly been developing solo.

above you can see the main cliff which will need to be developed. It has amazing features and very good route potential. The boulder in the foreground has not been touched yet... There are probably a hundred boulders and hundreds of new lines to do.

Look at this overhang! If anything goes here, it will be very hard.

Tall. amazing 4 star proj on the right with many other lines all around.

4 star TALL slopey pockets and eyebrows/rails.

Great potential.

Very nice overhang higher in the talus.

The boulders extend down to the forest floor. This is a big boulder.

Quality Granite. Project.

"Hitotsu" 4 star V7. Tall and proud. The first line I did. Solo mission.

Massive Talus boulders up to 30' tall! Fixable landings for the most part.

Sick hanging Proj that Joel and I worked. Top out is the crux!

"Futatsu" V8. The second line I did, solo. Really intricate climbing up perfect slopers. Very Fontish.

The "Ninja Warrior" V9. Also a nice line with a really cool swing move.

Cool projects.

More projects. Kind of overwhelming to be honest.

This is a tricky spot to get to. I have hiked in 3-4 different ways looking for the best way. It's about 30' hiking. Too hard to describe where it's at, but this area is much more extensive than Eratica or Caples and with better stone.

I made it out there 4 times before the snow came this year and told some good friends about it, but there are so many projects going up and lines to repeat that we have mostly decided to save this area for next summer!

Perhaps we can hook all the crews up and develop this astounding new zone in time for the eventual Dave Hatchett south shore and satellite guides.

Finding and developing new zones and lines is a passion of mine, and Tahoe has been an amazing place to contribute to the climbing history.

For Tahoe, it truly is a golden age of rock climbing.

Seek perfection of character, respect others & Try Hard. Noah as usual.


  1. does this happen to be above eagle lake?

  2. No, It's Over by Caples Lake... Amazing potential!


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